Staying in the
Rotterdamnest location

The best way to experience the world's most beautiful harbour city is, of course, in the middle of the harbour. On a loftboat with 2 luxury apartments in the heart of the city.

Staying at the Visithor is a very special Rotterdam and nautical experience. Sleep like a log on a boat that once hauled big logs through the docks of Rotterdam. Look out the port-holes and see the nostalgic boats in the harbour of the Nautical Museum next door.  Shopping areas, museums, cinemas,  restaurants and galeries are at walking distance. After a day wandering through the world's first harbour city you can relax and feel very much at home in you own boat apartment. This place, in the middle of the dynamic centre of Rotterdam is so quiet that you can listen to the water rippling and the coots calling while the boat moves very slowly up and down with the tide.





Logeerboot De Visithor Logeerboot Visithor